Christian Media International

Christian Media International is a nonprofit that is dedicated to broadcasting the message of hope to the world. That hope is delivered by producing and distributing gospel programming internationally. Listeners and viewers are connected with churches and organizations who are able to provide assistance for a host of physical and social needs.

Go tell it

CMI is a unique entity, so for support to grow, the vision had to be shared in a way that told a clear story and laid out tangible results. How do you effectively tell the story of airwaves impacting lives all over the world? CMI partnered with Go Media to do just that. The brand had to come to life. The process had to be captured. Stories had to be told.

Now keep telling it

Once we helped CMI rebrand we developed a process that would keep their story updated and shared with those who believed in the mission: their supporters. A new website was built to provide current information on the broadcast production, languages needed, and funding for specific broadcasts. Regular stories are now shared on the site, social media and monthly newsletters.

As one of CMI’s partners we also assist in producing much of their video needs and even occasionally, projects for some of their other partners. Currently, we are in mid-production for Season 1 of Missions, Media, and Coffee, which is a collaborative effort between Christian Media International, Go Media, Because Coffee that will help to share the story of CMI from one more angle.

We traveled the world with CMI to capture the work they do. Video and photo projects have helped to convey their story. We have also assisted in projects for some of their partner organizations.

CMI believes in the message of hope they share. It’s our job to help them share that message as beautifully and as powerfully as possible.