Because Coffee

Because Coffee was a brand new start up that needed built from scratch. We couldn't help construct a roastery, but we could help them build a brand that clearly told the story of their products and purpose.

New companyNew opportunities

As a roasting startup Because Coffee was looking to make a big splash in specialty coffee. That's why we worked together so closely to extract their thoughts and inspiration from the very beginning of the process. Once the branding concept had been developed, we turned our attention to the packaging because that’s where the all website, merchandise, and marketing would flow from.

01. Homepage layout
02. Colletions Overview
03. Collections details

Bleeding out

Once the brand DNA had been identified it was time to extend the packaging to the customers through the website. The site was designed to engage people in the unique brand voice of Because Coffee. Dead-simple navigation and smooth checkout were crucial, so we delivered a fully a mobile responsive site and an online marketplace that is almost as inviting and comfortable as their roastery.

Just a part

Most people get excited about coffee because they enjoy the product. Because Coffee is exciting on several different levels. We love the vision they had for their brand; the look and feel is a direct result of their involvement. People are also going to be excited about what Because Coffee will be doing to help others.

We love working with our clients, & we love to learn their stories. What’s especially rewarding is that we now become a part of their stories. Not many people will know that, but that’s okay. We’re helping others tell their stories.